How it all began.


At my daughter sport physical the doctor said something that shocked us all. He said you have to go see a doctor now!!
I was thrown back by the statement all he did was have her touch her toes. I never notice how uneven her back was… I never asked her to touch her toes.

From there a quick whirlwind of doctors and then surgery. She had a quick growth spurt of 6 inches which turned her back so quickly it was due to cause some medical issues. Her scoliosis measurements were 30% on top and 50% on the bottom.

Her recovery was surprisingly quick, she was back on the court and working hard. She played at her high school and in club sports. We found the right club for her, we had thought. Until the day a club coach said.

“she will never play in college”.

That coach told me that my daughter will never play in college due to scoliosis surgery. After a strong come back, the first few words a coach said that she would never play and college. As any mother would do, I said “don’t worry honey we will figure it out”. That was 13 years ago we began figuring it out, learning how to play in college. Then began helping parents, her school asked me to help a few students and talk to her team. The clubs asked me to help with recruiting in to offset my club costs. Soon I was named recruiting coordinator and saught out by clubs and individual in our area. As time has gone on I now help all sport male and female to find the perfect fit.

I have found that the perfect fit leads to a Thriving Athlete. They excel not only n their sport but school and campus life. As we have grown we have learned about NCAA and NAIA Rules and have visited and met some awesome coaches from schools that are exceptional finds for that perfect fit.

As we begin our 13th year helping Athletes find the perfect fit we hit an astounding number of 1.5 Trillion dollars in student loan debt. According to NCAA 65% or college, athletes graduate with an average $74,000 in student debt. We are here to help decrease that debt, to help Empower our athletes on how to make the right decisions on schools that they can Thrive at.


Our mission is to help college-bound athletes find the perfect fit Athleteicall, Academically, and Financially and graduate with little or no debt.

It all Started Here

Before Surgery

Sports Physicals are necessary, finding this during a growth spurt saved a lot or turmoil in her future.

After Surgery

Two 17 inch rods, 8 screws and tons of wire, created one very strong back, and a fierce athlete.

Becoming a Strong Competitor

As the rods in her back may have wanted to slow down others she went on to be an awesome athlete. Excelling at her perfect fit school pursuing and completing her BFA.

Still a strong Competitor today

Still very active, metal and all, finding her perfect fit aiding in becoming a Thriving Adult