$20,015,671.00 In Scholarships

Thriving Athletes has helped earn over 20 million in scholarships for our college-bound athletes and students. Helping all sports, men, and women, in the United States and Canada.

471 Students Helped

Thriving Athletes  has  helped over 471 students find the perfect fit. They are not only Thriving Athlete they go on to be Thriving Adults.


Did you know only FIVE NCAA D1 sports offer full rides!!!
Yes, they are called HEAD COUNT sports.

Division 1A Football, Women’s Volleyball, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Women’s Gymnastics, and Women’s Tennis.

ALL other sports, 90% of all Athletes  are involved in  Equivalency sports. Equivalency scholarships mean there is no restriction on how many athletes can be on scholarship, but there is a limit on the number of scholarships a team can have.

Thriving Athletes will find you the perfect

college placement!

Coaching Session

Have questions? Spend an hour with the founder Mary Ziola-Vega, and ask the 3 most important questions on how to find that perfect fit in your college choice journey. Your $50.00 fee can be a one time fee or used towards a purchase of a package.
Click the link below… your journey to the college match for your Athlete begins now!
I was so thrilled with the school you found for me! I never knew I could play there. All the hard work paid off! Thank You, Ms. Mary Jasmine L

NCAA D1 Athlete

I would not belive it if I wasn’t there. One meeting and she was on the right path. W met, you found the school and the money! Done just like that! We both thank you! Tonya


Mary, you have played a huge part in helping these athletes you truly believe in your mission of helping athletes to realize their dream! Tracy

Club Director

Changing sports my senior year was hard but your support made it work. Thank you for all your work these past years. Peyton

Changes sports Senior Year

How To Get Started

It is simple to get started. Fill out the Thriving Athletes Acceptance questioner. Once completed we will review and send you back a video acceptance and how we can get started.

How to find the Perfect Fit

After we go thru your 1:1 we begin the search for the perfect fit. that means all the boxes have to be checked to have you excel not only as a Thriving Athlete but a Thriving Student and adult.

When Should I Start

We suggest as early as 6th grade to join our membership to learn how to start to build your Foundation to Succes. Once your student is in 8th grade then we begin working with them to help direct them Academically and Athletically. With the new NCAA rule, most students have not committed until Junior and more likely their senior year so it a long road, but a successful one if you build your foundation.
We went from California to Florida to find the perfect fit. We did and my daughter is so happy to Thank You Mary. Patty N

2019 Grad Parent

The perfect fit for me was a Division 3 school, yet Mary helped find the scholarships to make it affordable for my family. Adonis H

2019 Basketball

Thank you, Mary, Andrea is so happy and successful at her college career. Andrea K

2018 Volleyball

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